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Potency problems. Which doctor to contact

Potency problems. Which doctor to contact


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An andrologist deals more deeply with sildenafil 100mg the pathologies of male sexual health.

Andrology is a fairly young branch of medicine. Her task is to identify and treat problems with male potency and reproductive what buy levitra 20mg,10 online tier drug is tadalafil health, such as:

impotence and reduced erection;

male infertility;

violation of the swgoh potency down. the reasons. how to fix. prostate gland;

varicocele (widening of the veins of the spermatic cord);


various sexual disorders;

problems with premature or delayed generic cialis 80mg vs 10mg? ejaculation;

age-related decline in potency.

An examination by an andrologist and an ultrasound procedure will allow you to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment..

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In the case of impotence caused exclusively by sexual pathologies, the doctor will continue the treatment on his own cipla tadalafil. However, erectile disorders can also be caused by a number of other diseases that require the intervention of a doctor of a different profile. It is necessary to treat the root cause of the disease kamagra 100mg kaufen deutschland.

Other medical specializations

Potency may decrease sildenafilo 50mg due to disruption of the endocrine system. This includes diabetes and hormonal disruptions in the body. In particular, insufficient production of the main male sex hormone – testosterone, lack of adrenaline. To solve these problems, you should contact an endocrinologist..

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